Charmaine Lachance
Dwarf in an Elf's Body

Agility = 60
Beauty = 43
Dexterity = 60
Endurance = 60
Hearing = 48
Istropy = 30
Mentality = 50
Quickness = 69
Reaction = 69
Speed = 40
Strength = 90
Vision = 48

Gypsy elf female, 5'11" 140lbs, black hair, brown eyes, right-handed.

Family: George (father), Frances (mother), both deceased.

Born: Chaucer, March 19, 10018.

Personality: an optimistic not-particularly-devout Homerist whose personality needs some fleshing out.

Goals: get some seamanship, raise common to level VI, get a trade, improve UAC and learn additional weapons, work on sneaks and survival skills, get a set of plate mail.

Skills: mace, unarmed combat, orienteering, first aid, swimming, horsemanship, urban sneak, rural sneak, mountain survival, wilderness survival.

Languages: elvish, common, sign language, gnomish.


Gypsy Elf Assistance Mission ()

Sprinal Tap II ()

Sprinal Tap IV () got knocked down in the fight with the skeleton with the fancy crown and axe (?) which turned out to be a good thing since her lack of consciousness got her through the portal intact while wearing one of the Telemancy College rings. Was unconscious in the hospital until February 29, 10043.

Military Glacial Outpost (February 10043) ?

Persand II (10043)

Whistle Recovery Mission () got a heavy workout as one of the few team member who could bring in their preferred weapon. Met the two Shangri-laists who were about to discover the team in the guardroom by the first metal grate and quickly destroyed the light source (but not quickly enough) and then chased down the non-sleeping guard.

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