Photo Album

Army Birthday Party (orchestrated by Russ)

Extended Commander's Time - March 15-16 in LaCrosse, Wisconsin


What CPT Walls did with
my boots My yellow ribbon The Wall of Flags at the Hospital My name on the Wall of
Flags Modeling my protective
mask Me, baby
Cornelius and Noli Mendoza Me, Noli Mendoza, and Bill Stutts

Weekend Pass, Feb 21-23

Denise and Jim D'louhy and me The Historical Area at Ft. McCoy We flew in these. My parents and me My parents and me
up close Russ and me Russ and me up close

2002 Minnesota Rennaisance Festival

Vance and Amy in
her new necklace Me and my new
horns.  RenFest3 is larger version Jeff Sturges and the great sword.  RenFest5 is larger version Vance and the great sword.  RenFest6 is larger version Amy and Vance
after it started raining We were obviously 
still having fun

Old Medieval Stuff

The black velvet dress my sister made
for me Ryan Ditto